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Pricing should be based on overhead costs and a fair reimbursement for service and care provided. There is a delicate balance of controlling costs as much as possible, but not compromising care. It is very expensive to provide surgical care in the cleanest environment with proper aseptic technique. Are the patient’s gowned and draped properly, are lines new or uncontaminated? Is there a process to ensure consistent quality of care? Are prescriptions and meds understood well and used to minimize infections, pain and swelling?

All these come at a cost, but what are you willing to skimp on to save money? In implant dentistry, quality does come at a price. The decision for who you choose should be vetted and researched to validate the quality of care you are seeking. Make sure the dentist is skilled to the appropriate level of care you desire. In my next blog, I’ll try to answer the question we get on the phone calls of perspective patients of “How much do you charge for an implant?