How to Prevent Halitosis

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Halitosis is the official name for bad breath. But for those who suffer with halitosis or know someone who does, the name is less important than figuring out ways to prevent it. Halitosis can wreck self-esteem, alienate friends, prevent dating comfort and generally make a person less inclined to socially engage. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent halitosis. Some of them are dependent upon the original cause of halitosis to begin with.

Avoid Certain Foods

Certain foods can cause halitosis and avoiding them can prevent bad breath. These foods include onion and garlic. Either make a choice to abstain from these foods or brush your teeth immediately after eating them.

Avoid Certain Supplements

Some healthy supplements cause bad breath, too. Most notably, fish oil supplements sometimes result in “fish burbs,” which do not smell very nice on the breath. Consider switching to supplements that are odor-free.

Switch Prescriptions

If you look carefully at the small print, you’ll find that many prescriptions can actually cause dry mouth. Dry mouth doesn’t cause bad breath directly, but it does mean that you will produce less saliva. Saliva actually helps keep breath fresh. If you have dry mouth as a side effect of a prescription, consider asking your doctor if you can safely switch to a different medication.

Eat Regularly

Another cause of dry mouth, which inadvertently leads to halitosis, is going for long periods of time without eating. Try to time your meals so that you go no longer than five hours between meals or snacks. Just a small nibble on a piece of fresh fruit is often enough to ward off bad breath.

Get Tooth Problems Fixed

If you have a cavity or another tooth problem, this can cause bad breath from bacteria build up. As soon as you notice trouble in your mouth, go see your dentist to have it treated.

Brush, Floss and Rinse Regularly

The easiest way to prevent halitosis is to brush, floss and rinse regularly. Brushing will rid your mouth of excess food debris and rinsing will remove loosened food debris from your mouth.

Finally, if you do eat odorous foods, skip some meals or experience dry mouth, simply pop a fresh breath mint into your mouth. This will help you get through a meeting or social event until you can get home to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.