The Advantages of Replacing a Lost Tooth with a Single Tooth Implant

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You have unfortunately lost one of your permanent teeth, but you think that one tooth out of the many you have is no big deal. However, obtaining a single-tooth dental implant is actually a good idea. Here is a look at the advantages of replacing a lost tooth with a single dental implant.

Restore Your Smile

Naturally, the number-one reason to seek a single-tooth implant is to restore your smile. Just one tooth can make a difference in how you feel when you smile, especially if the tooth is close to the front or in the front where it is noticeable. Likewise, one missing tooth can cause your other teeth to shift and move over time because there is more space to do so. The implant will prevent this from taking place.

Eliminate Undue Stress On Your Other Teeth

Even though you may have lost only one tooth, this one tooth had an important role to play. A set of teeth is almost like a chain; if there is one weakened link, the rest of the links have to be stronger to compensate for the weakness. If you lose one tooth, the rest of the teeth have to work harder when you chew. For instance, if you lose a molar in your jaw, the other teeth bear more force when you chew something hard.

Protect Your Gums

When you have a tooth extracted, the gums close up and heal in that area. However, far beneath the gum line in the jaw bone, the lack of the tooth’s root can cause the bone to start to lose height. This change in jaw structure over time can cause the gum tissue to also sink down, which can create a u-shape where the tooth is missing. When a dental implant is placed soon after an extraction, the anchored implant helps to retain the natural bone height and prevents your gum tissue from sinking.

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