Revolutionizing Dental Implants: Exploring the Advantages of Remote Anchorage Maxillary Implants

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We see many patients who have been told there are no dental implant options for their upper teeth. The only option they are given is an upper denture. Unfortunately, many times dentures require glue that is hard to clean and messy to wear. The denture moves when they eat and sometimes are painful, causing sores underneath the denture which really is debilitating.

The good news is that with the current options available, most of these patients do have other options. One particular option is called “remote anchorage dental implants.” Bones that are available around the upper jaw can be used to secure teeth that can be attached. They can support beautiful teeth with a natural look and feel and allow you to function normally. Several options are zygomatic implants, pterygoid implants and transnasal implants. While the procedure is more involved and requires extra training and expertise, these options are available now. The surgery is similar to other full arch fixed implant solutions in that most of the time, a patient presents for surgery and that day, leaves with attached teeth.

These procedures have all the advantages of attached implant teeth. There are some clearances which are required. During your consultation, we can review any concerns and identify if there are limitations or contraindications for these treatments. Most of the time, treatment is an option and that is good news when your only other option is a denture!

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