Picking the Shade for Your Full-Mouth Implants: A Look at the Factors Considered

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Getting dental implants can be an incredibly exciting experience. The fact that your smile is going to be restored is enough to make you feel like your life is getting ready to change for the better, and it really will. Throughout the process, you will be working with the dentist to make several choices about the implants you want. Picking the proper synthetic tooth shade is one of those choices.

The color of the gingival tissue will be examined.

Everyone has a unique gingival tissue shade. The gingival tissue is the gums, and they can be everything from dark purple to bright red. Tooth shade should be compared to these colors to make sure you will achieve a natural look.

The color of the whites of your eyes will be considered.

Believe it or not, the whites of your eyes is something to consider when picking the shade of tooth color for your implants. In general, it is best to keep shade differences minimal between the color of your eyes and the color of your teeth. For people who have their natural teeth still in place, you will notice that most do not have a dramatic difference between the two parts of the body.

Your personal preferences will be discussed.

The dentist will not disregard your own personal preferences. If you would prefer to have a stark white smile with very white teeth, this is something the dentist will work with you to achieve. By giving you computerized examples of what you would look like with different shades, it makes it easier to visualize which teeth shades work the best for you.

Skin tone and complexion will be a factor.

Skin tone and complexion should also be considered when picking your dental implant shade. Individuals who have darker skin tones may look best with a darker shade because their skin can make the teeth look even whiter. Individuals with fair skin, on the other hand, can be best suited with a more white shade.

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By taking the time to be so selective about the shade of your dental implant crowns, you are more likely to be pleased with the end result. If you would like to find out more about dental implants, schedule an appointment at the office of Dr. Chris Ward DDS.