3 Things That Will Change with Implant-Retained Dentures

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Millions of people wear dentures worldwide, and without question, dentures are an excellent option if you have lost all of your natural teeth. Unfortunately, dentures do have their limitations, and they can pose some problems for some wearers. Implant-retained dentures are just like ordinary dentures, but they are secured in place with a series of small implants that hold the prosthetic teeth in place. Here is a look at some of the things that will change for you as a denture wearer if you opt for implant-retained dentures instead.

You Get More Chewing Power

Your mouth exerts a powerful 200 pounds of pressure when you bite down. This is more than enough to chew through most foods with natural teeth, but when you have dentures, you have to learn to bite without so much force because doing so will shift the dentures out of place. For many denture wearers, this lack of bite force prohibits eating foods they like, such as uncooked vegetables or meats. With implant-retainment, the bite force is far more.

There Will Be No More Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives are super helpful if your dentures shift and move in your mouth, but they are not the most enjoyable products to contend with if you have to use adhesives on a daily basis. The denture glue can be messy, become dislodged frequently, and even change the taste of your food. Plus, some adhesives contain zinc, which can cause ill effects if you ingest too much, according to the FDA. With implant-retained dentures, the denture device stays firmly seated without the use of adhesives.

Your Implant-Retained Dentures Will Be Less Likely to Change Speech

Those who wear regular dentures often complain that their speech changes as a result. When you speak, dentures shift and move in your mouth, which changes how your vocal noises sound as they move through your oral opening. If the dentures are supported by implants, they do not shift and move, so your speech should not be affected to a degree that anyone would notice.

If you have issues with your dentures and want a better solution to missing teeth, it may be time to consider implant-retained dentures. Reach out to us at the dental offices of Chris Ward DDS, a dental implant specialist, to find out how we can help.